It me.

First and foremost you should know – I am a geek. I love all things sci-fi, fandom, pop culture, writing and video gaming. Now please don’t tell my mom…

My name is Elizabeth Barlow and my HQ is in Seattle, Washington, USA.  I have over ten years’ experience in the land of social media, copywriting, grassroots and online marketing as well as traditional and online branding techniques. I have a wealth of experience utilizing interactive social networking to promote conventions, Kickstarters and local companies, from general sales to real estate to tourism. And also I have a literal lifetime of experience being the awkward, quiet nerd in the corner–this experience comes free of charge.

I went to Central Washington University with a focus in English and Communications, and in 2007 worked as the Scion Sales and Social Media Manager at Toyota and Honda of Seattle. It was there in the early stages of Myspace(!) that I realized the potential market and benefit of utilizing such a site to attract a younger and tech-savvy demographic to organize sales campaigns and strengthen our market-share area.

One of my most professional selfies I’ve taken

Copywriting – What Do I Offer?

I am a generalist on copywriting with a tendency towards pop and internet culture, gaming, real estate, content marketing, B2C (business-to-consumer) as well as events, big and small. I long to write, no matter the topic or circumstance.

I pride myself on having the ability to write with a distinctive voice and personality which is entirely based on the client’s preference. I as well offer original, researched pieces for every topic and point of view desired. Examples include press releases, articles, blog posts, and advertisements.

In a broader, more generalized sense, I am a specialist in finding just the right words for your needs.

Social Media – What Do I Offer?

I have extensive experience with content creation and marketing via many social media sites from both a personal and business branding standpoint: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Google+. It is with this experience I can offer creation of these sites for your own businesses, or audit and benchmark where your current sites stand.

From creating content calendars to cultivating and maintaining an audience and potential clients, please reach out to me to discuss what options might work best for you.

Events + Crowdsourcing Campaigns- What Do I offer?

My Star Wars crew

I have assisted heavily in sci-fi, fantasy and fandom conventions since 2012. Personally, I have been a panelist discussing writing, fandom, sci-fi and marketing at GeekGirlCon, 221b Con and Norwescon since 2013.

Within the last five years I have assisted with over ten conventions, from logistical and backstage coordination, to artist and dealer’s hall organization to advertisements, online marketing and fundraising via crowdsourcing.

I have most recently assisted in the successful promotion of an online webcomic via Kickstarter, The Unadoptables, as well as two local conventions.